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PlazmaX9 30 USD
Physics Prop 30 USD

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Physics Prop Supporter 30 USD 2018-06-21 20:07:24
PlazmaX9 Supporter 30 USD 2018-06-19 00:23:04

UnityRP Networks Donator Page

This is our community's donation system. Buying a package on one of our server will grant you all the things in the description of the package. Making a donation goes towards keeping our server running and making improvements to improve the player experience. Please do note that all purchases made are NON-REFUNDABLE and you will not get your money back if you purchase a package unless in special circumstances given by an Owner.


If you do not receive your package after 1 hour since buying it, feel free to put in a support ticket and we will try and deal with it ASAP. Also, if you run into any problems with not receiving the items in a package at all or anything else is wrong with your purchase, feel free to put in a Report under the bug reports section of the forums, or make another support ticket.


We make it a goal here at UnityRP Networks to keep all our members happy and secure at all times. Your purchase information will not be used by UnityRP to give out to others, make purchases with that you don't authorize or any other breach of your privacy. We value all our members here at UnityRP, so if you believe that because of a transaction with UnityRP, your account is insecure, please make a support ticket or contact a member of high staff and we will immediately  address the situation.